Viva Trust

VIVA Trust owns 100% of Grupo Nueva’s shares. In October 2003, Mr. Stephan Schmidheiny, a Swiss businessman and founder of Grupo Nueva, created VIVA Trust by donating all the shares of his business group Grupo Nueva, in addition to an investment portfolio.

VIVA Trust provides strategic orientation and guarantees that the Group’s businesses are consistent with its Vision and Values. The dividends Grupo Nueva pays to VIVA Trust are reinvested in the improvement of Latin American societies, mainly through the AVINA Foundation. This is a manner of contributing to the creation of a virtuous circle between the business world and civil society.

As its main shareholder, VIVA Trust approves the appointment of Grupo Nueva’s board members and significant decisions concerning the acquisition or divestment of businesses.

Executive Commitee of VIVA Trust: Roberto Artavia (President), Andreas Eggenberg, Heinz Hefti and Paul Rice (Directors); Mark Bridges (Protector); Christian Verling (Trustee) and Shannon Music (Secretary).