Corporate Governance

Grupo Nueva has created a governance strategy for its companies that provides a framework for overseeing the administration and management of their businesses, using a series of elements compliant with recognized standards, in keeping with the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Therefore, our companies have their own instances and structures such as boards of directors, committees and management, in alignment with recognized practices. In addition, our companies have Internal Audit Areas which issue their own reports independent of the management and include a Whistleblower Channel. These exercise their roles and responsibilities according to established corporate strategies and policies.

Masisa was the first Chilean Company to formalize its governance practices and transparency through its Corporate Governance Code. This document complies with the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which allows spreading internally and to the market and other interested public, their world-class practices that support the value creation in all their operations in a sustainable manner and allied with to our Business Principles.

For specific information on individual structures and their main functions, see

Masisa has an email, which works as a communication cannel with our public, who can express their views, complains, allegations, information and others, in relation to the compliance with the Business Values and Principles in our companies.

Grupo Nueva’s role is to guarantee the permanent strengthening of the control environment by supervising management programs and indicators that give a periodical follow-up on the key variables of our companies.