Triple bottom line management

Grupo Nueva is a leading company in the forestry sector and wood derivatives, which stands out for creating sustainable value through the Triple Bottom Line Management, which is:


Maximum financial return + environmental and social excellence


On each of our efforts, the economic performance, the environmental protection and the contribution to society in which we operate are intrinsically linked.

a. Our aim is to differentiate ourselves through excellent social and environmental management, while always endeavoring to create economic value for our companies.

b. We trust that doing business responsibly is the best investment to create value in a sustainable manner over time.

c. We believe that the quality of current and future life depends on the capacity to satisfy basic human needs while protecting the environment on which all forms of life depend.

d. In all our operations and businesses, we aspire at having a positive impact, contributing to the improvement of societies and creating trust among all our stakeholders.

e. Through this strategy, we contribute to the solution of social problems, especially in relation to climate change and the development of inclusive businesses contributing to the reduction of poverty.